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24 September 2013

.You Forgot Your Shadow. || 24th Sep 2013 ||

Bags all packed, make sure you remember everything
No looking back, no more; not for anything.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Clear it out just like you've never been
What's a goodbye good for, anyway?

There's nothing left of you to remind me
But somehow you're still standing behind me

I'm trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won't let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something 'bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

Hide all your photographs,
But I can feel you watching me
How long does your memory last?
It's time I ought to be
Moving on and getting over you
I bet it looks like I'm not even trying to
Here all alone, my past on the walls

With nothing left of you to remind me
So why are you still standing behind me

I'm trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won't let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something 'bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

It's always there, too close, too much
The shape of something I can't touch
I turn, and find the shadow's grown
Those empty eyes I begged to stay
Are watching me from yesterday
You can leave me, can you leave me alone?

Sam Tsui - Shadow 

09 February 2013

.CNY. || 9th Feb 2013 ||

this is gonna be the third year celebrating CNY without daddy dearest.
everything is just different already.
worst of all, home is never at peace.
snapping at each other every day.

2010 CNY reunion dinner. last one with daddy.

15 January 2013

.21 not. || 16th Jan 2013 ||

"I'm 21 n still wanna have fun"
hmm... I'll take that back.

29 December 2012

.hah! im back. ||30th Dec 2012||

yup im back.
but no, not back to Pg.
just back here to blogging. lol
n no, not a new-year-resolution post.

2nd sem coming to an end.
finals coming up pretty soon.
am actually in the midst of revising n decided to take a break.

this sem has been pretty kind to me. relatively.
as surprising as it sounds, my fav subj this sem is Differential Equations.
Circuit Analysis 1 is torture. not a core subj. just gotta get it over with this sem.
Theory of Machines is interesting. but not easy. some struggle there.
Moral Studies 2 is well, simply some long bullshit essay you gotta write.
Fluid Mechanics Lab is by far my fav lab.
Circuit Lab is fun, but not my thing.

who actually cares bout all this. lol

as busy as i've been, i havent went home in 14 weeks. n counting.
first time ever in my uni/college life that i didnt go home for the entire sem.
honest to the truth, i was never really a home person.
but i do miss my family.
mum did came for a weekend though.
just some alone time to chill.
glad that now she has company at home; my 2nd bro n his gf.
yes, she's practically moved in already.
my mum see things more differently now i guess?
it's good. for everyone. 

my english is slowly deteriorating. havent been using it much.
mainly in texting i think?
malay language has been my most spoken language here i must say.
i even use mandarin more than the english language.

boyfriend, girlfriend you ask? NIL.
just not the time for something serious yet.
im 21 n still wanna have fun.
a thought i recently just found out has been in me all along.
cant commit just yet.
when all else fails, go to your books. they wont. only your lecturers will. lol
something i decided to hold on for now.

n that is all.

hugs n kisses.
we shall meet again.


14 September 2012

.a quick round up. ||14th September 2012 ||

ok obviously I havent updated this blog in a long time.. *you dont say?*
so just a quick round up about what I've been up to this one year.

graduated with a diploma in mech engineering from SEGi University College in Aug 2011.

wanted to make it for the September intake degree programme at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (herinafter referred to as UNITEN) but couldnt make it as my result for the last sem at SEGi UC n transcript wasnt ready.
applied for various factory hands-on positions but they didnt want to employ as it was towards the end of the year n knowing that I will continue my studies although I mention that I didnt intend to do so soon.
and I thought I did sure make it for the January intake.

I took up a part time job at Chatime Sunway Carnival starting November 2011.

had wonderful job n life experiences there although it was almost completely unrelated to my field of study.
colleagues n friends were great. although not all, I must say.
made a new bunch of friends totally outside of my world. (you know the type where you add them in Facebook n you have no mutual friends?)
resigned in May 2012.

finally got my admission into UNITEN for the May 2012 intake. 

life is totally different here.
gotta be much more independent than when in SEGi UC.
n plus I was alone there as transfer credit students are minority there. 
most of the degree students there are from UNITEN's own foundation programme. 
was lucky enough to have ONE senior from SEGi UC. he was actually from the same batch as me in SEGi UC but he graduated one sem earlier n hence now almost a year ahead of me.

just finished Chapter 1 in UNITEN few days ago.

finals was.. tough.. I would say.
nonetheless I must say, courseworks n assignments n quizzes given throughout the entire 4 months of the sem really helped a lot for my finals as I didnt have to do so much of last minute studying.

where to next?

pretty much nowhere.. 
gonna be studying for another approximately 3yrs in UNITEN before I can get my degree qualification n start working..
not sure if I'm looking forward to that chapter in life yet.. 
but am definitely looking forward to money lol
seriously, I now get it why some ppl chose to stop studying after they got the hang of working.
because they get more to spend.
anyway of course I'm talking about a child from an average family with average pocket money from their parents.
HOWEVER, I must also agree that it is never enough.
no matter how much you earn, it'll never be enough for you to spend. 
I myself thought I earn relatively a lot during that 6mths of work.. EARN but didnt SAVE. 
so yeah.. nothing much left..
also because I bought a phone with the little amount that I saved.

speaking of which.. I cannot imagine how will I survive without my handphone.

smartphones are smart.. there's always so much to do.. n it most definitely keep me occupied enough..
which brings me to another shoutout; my mum needs to understand that I'm not texting all the time that I'm on my phone.. lol

oh n if you must know, my Compaq laptop broke down. 

am currently using my dad's HP netbook.
solely using it only when necessary; assignments, reports, etc.
too small n too slow to do anything.
my HTC One X will help me through with social sites n emails lol 

this past 4 months, social life has been.... not very social.. 

drown with so much work throughout the sem.
was a lil messed up during the beginning of the sem.
glad it was all sorted out. or at least I hope so. 

at home is still the same.

family is always family.
big brother now have a second child, Keith. Kyle is still as thin as ever.
second brother is bound to graduate from UTAR end of this month n come back home.
at least mummy will have company now. 
it has been almost 2yrs.....

alright. looks like it's not much of a QUICK round up lol 

but yeah.. basically that's about all..

my new favourite song

not dedicated to you.. or you.. lol
just random..