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29 December 2012

.hah! im back. ||30th Dec 2012||

yup im back.
but no, not back to Pg.
just back here to blogging. lol
n no, not a new-year-resolution post.

2nd sem coming to an end.
finals coming up pretty soon.
am actually in the midst of revising n decided to take a break.

this sem has been pretty kind to me. relatively.
as surprising as it sounds, my fav subj this sem is Differential Equations.
Circuit Analysis 1 is torture. not a core subj. just gotta get it over with this sem.
Theory of Machines is interesting. but not easy. some struggle there.
Moral Studies 2 is well, simply some long bullshit essay you gotta write.
Fluid Mechanics Lab is by far my fav lab.
Circuit Lab is fun, but not my thing.

who actually cares bout all this. lol

as busy as i've been, i havent went home in 14 weeks. n counting.
first time ever in my uni/college life that i didnt go home for the entire sem.
honest to the truth, i was never really a home person.
but i do miss my family.
mum did came for a weekend though.
just some alone time to chill.
glad that now she has company at home; my 2nd bro n his gf.
yes, she's practically moved in already.
my mum see things more differently now i guess?
it's good. for everyone. 

my english is slowly deteriorating. havent been using it much.
mainly in texting i think?
malay language has been my most spoken language here i must say.
i even use mandarin more than the english language.

boyfriend, girlfriend you ask? NIL.
just not the time for something serious yet.
im 21 n still wanna have fun.
a thought i recently just found out has been in me all along.
cant commit just yet.
when all else fails, go to your books. they wont. only your lecturers will. lol
something i decided to hold on for now.

n that is all.

hugs n kisses.
we shall meet again.


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